Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christian, Save Thyself

Did you know that December 1, 2012 was World HIV/AIDS Day? This is a day, set aside to educate the world community about HIV and AIDS awareness. What is HIV? I'll tell you what HIV isn't: 1. It isn't a death sentence anymore. Antiretroviral drugs keep the levels of HIV in the body at a low level, so that the immune system is able to recover and work effectively which enable many HIV positive people to live long and healthy lives. 2. It isn't a gay disease. In 2007, 32% of all cases of HIV was heterosexual. This disease does not discriminate. 3. It isn't visible. Which means, you can't tell if someone has the virus and quite often, most individuals who are infected, do not even know it. Usually, there are no symptoms. So why is a Christian talking about HIV/AIDS, a subject that is taboo in the church community. You couldn't imagine the number of "christians" that are are engaging in risky sexual behavior, exposing themselves and others to HIV and AIDS. I know it's 2012 and yes, times have changed a lot, but God hasn't. He didn't declare that we remain celibate until marriage because He wanted to keep us from having a "good time". He did so because He loves us and He knows that His enemy the devil, would use any means to hurt Him, including hurting his precious creation, mankind. Promiscuity is a major weapon the devil is using to destroy God's people. So here is the responsible thing to do if you're engaging in premarital/extramarital sex: 1. Always wear a condom. 2. Ask your partner if he or she is HIV positive and have they been tested. 3. Have yourself tested for the virus. Now here's the wise thing to do: ABSTAIN FROM SEX UNTIL MARRIAGE!!!!! Enjoy your day.

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